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Regional West Medical White Paper Regional West Medical White Paper

Company Name: Regional West Medical

Business Description: Regional West Medical Center is a regional hospital in the western end of Nebraska, Eastern Wyoming, Northern Colorado and Southern South Dakota.

White Paper: Regional West Medical Medical Center currently has about 200 pagers setup in PageGate. They have setup several special groups for emergency paging. Their Hospital has a Full and Partial Trauma group, they also have flight teams for their AirFlight Helicopter that they have setup three different group pagers for. The have a weather alert team for the tornados that occur in their area. They also have a code blue group for the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit. In addition Information Systems, Facilities Management, Rehab and Home Health, all have groups setup so everyone in those groups can be paged at the same time.

Customer Quote: "I have found it extremely easy to setup individuals and groups in the NotePage system. I especially like the way you can name pagers. I have setup our system so that everyone in Information starts with "IS-" or the pagers in Rehab start with "RH-", this makes it very easy for the user to setup their own local recipients list, because everyone from their department is grouped together in a network list."

"Our PageGate server software runs on an NT server. We have had very reliable service from this setup. Our system handles approx. 300-400 pages per day. Our Rehab department is the heaviest user of the NotePage system. We have a large gym/therapy area, when a patient arrives for treatment the therapist is paged so they may come to the reception area and meet their patient."

"Our next project with the NotePage system will be to install it on all of our Nursing floors."
Larry Cooper, Regional West Medical Center


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