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White Papers Pike Electric White Paper

Company Name: Pike Electric

Business Description:
Pike is an electrical contractor, responsible for hooking up power lines for different companies and cities.

White Papers: One of Pike Electric's largest customers is Duke Power, the Duke's office personnel needs a way to be able to communicate with Pike's staff out in the field. This is especially critical during power outages created by strong storms or hurricanes. Pike Electric works all over the southeast region of the United States. Being able to page people is essential to their day to day company operations but is especially critical during storm trouble. NotePage provides an easy to use system, that Pike has setup so that all you need to reach an employee its that person's name. Whether it be trying to reach an employee in the field during storm trouble or whether it is for a routine question about an employee's hours, PageGate provides and easy to use, intuitive system to page Pike personnel without having to use a phone or to know their paging and/or pin number.

Customer Quote: "Thank you guys for coming out with NotePager Net. I'd never consider letting us use another paging product. The old paging program we had before this was so clumsy and awkward to use. NotePager has made this task so much easier for me. Even better, with the built in administration program, an executive assistant can now handle setting new pagers up without me having to spend any time on it. Great product."
Drew Lyle, Pike Electric

Pike Electric PDF Case Study


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