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PageGate Message Notification PageGate Message Notification

If you own the GetMail module, you can configure PageGate to email you a notification any time a message succeeds or fails in the program.

When a message is successfully delivered, PG looks for a file named successnotifylist.txt in the PG program folder. This file can contain a list of email addresses that will receive notification that the message was successful. You can use the special value %Sender% on one of the lines to have the sender of the message in the list.

In addition you need a success.mtp file in the PG program folder to be used as a template for what is sent in the success notification message. It uses the same variables at the message delivery templates.

The same process happens for a failed message, but it uses a failurenotifylist.txt and a failure.mtp file instead.

To mimic the old behavior create a successnotifylist.txt file in the PG folder with a single line containing %Sender%.

Do the same for a failurenotifylist.txt file.

The success.mtp file should look like this:

Subject: Successful Message To %Recipient%

Message Info:

Recv: %RequestedDate% %RequestedTime%
Sent: %Date% %Time%
To: %Recipient%
From: %Sender%
Msg: %Message%

The failure.mtp file should look like this:

Subject: Failed Message To %Recipient%

Message Info:

Recv: %RequestedDate% %RequestedTime%
Fail: %Date% %Time%
To: %Recipient%
From: %Sender%
Msg: %Message%


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