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White Paper Monroe County 911 White Paper

Company Name: Monroe County 911 Dispatch Center

Business Description:
The Monroe County Control Center is the 9-1-1 facility for Monroe County and portions of Pike County in Northeastern PA. We have a permanent resident population of 135,000 with a summer visitor population exceeding 1 million. As such, we handle approximately 750,000 calls for service per year. Most of these calls can be classified as non-emergency calls, however, in a rural area, the 9-1-1 center is the only 'answer' point.

White Paper: "Whether dealing with emergency or non-emergency calls, we have a definite need to page certain individuals and groups of individuals on a fairly frequent basis. We use the NotePage product with the GUI interface to maintain a database of a variety of personnel, from search and rescue teams to coroners and other specialists in addition to individuals on whom we must rely for assistance."

"Although your website and technical support were not sure it would run on our individual setup, we took the chance and are successfully running the program in a Windows 2000, Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe environment. We have upwards of 20 concurrent users at any given time and have secured the database administration program so that the myriad personnel do not have the opportunity to alter the settings."

"We're very happy with the product and have been very successful with using it. The reporting feature is extremely helpful when it is our responsibility to prove a notification date and time. We've used the reports to substantiate our testimony in court cases. The databases are simple to setup and a breeze to use. Adding or deleting a page, a recipient or group cannot be simpler!"

"In addition to the great success we've had with the product, I must also commend Chris in your Tech Support department. When we were initially setting up the program on the Terminal Server and crossing our fingers, he was a great help. In the days and weeks that followed in the process of learning how to setup and use the program, he was invaluable and made my job quite easy. He replied almost right away to any email or phone questions I had and always had a solution for whatever odd question I might have had."

Customer Quote: "I most certainly recommend your NotePage product with the GUI interface to any user who is looking for a simple, reliable solution to network paging. I have recommended it to several other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies with whom we work closely, but have their own network setups."

"We absolutely LOVE the product."
Karen Barwick, Monroe County 911


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