Verizon Integrated Messaging

PageGate can be easily integrated with Verizon's Enterprise Messaging platform (EMAG), which offers an enterprise WCTP gateway that supports one-way and two-way messaging.

With one-way implementations, PageGate delivers SMS through the Verizon EMAG WCTP gateway but no reply is expected and none is monitored for.

With two-way implementations, PageGate delivers SMS through the same gateway but replies are expected. In order to provide those replies to you, the EMAG WCTP API requires a reply address; somewhere to route the replies. PageGate's Webdata API provides the ability to receive those replies and this API must be hosted on an outward facing web server as the reply URL provided to the EMAG WCTP API must be internet accessible.

You can then configure reply processing in a few ways:

Static Recipient or Group

This is the most basic form of reply processing. All replies will be delivered to the specified recipient or group.

Reply Processing with GetASCII API Advanced Polling Rules

If you own the GetASCII API, you can feed the reply information through that system for advanced processing. This allows you to modify message content and who the replies should go to but does not allow for conditional modification or conditional sending. For example, you couldn't have the program scan the body of the message for a keyphrase, then completely change the intended recipient of the message. That would require the PageGate Filter Pack.

Reply Processing with GetASCII API and the PageGate Filter Pack

Reply messages can be fed through PageGate's Filter Pack to allow for conditional sending. For instance, with the PageGate's filter pack, you can tell PageGate to conditionally change who receives the message based on what the text in the reply is. As an example, you could configure a filter system so that any time the word lunch shows up in a reply message, that reply is sent to the cafeteria group instead of the general replies group.

You could configure a system where replies from a certain phone number will always be copied to certain recipients or groups.

You could configure a system where certain keywords or phrases are replaced with other keywords or phrases. For example, you could translate a code like PD4N in to 4th Precinct.

You could configure a system to describe every element I've just described all at once.

For more information, have a look at the ‘Receiving Replies via EMAG WCTP’ section of the NotePage documentation.

Article Date: September 22, 2020 

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