SMS and Text Messaging Software for Mining Companies

Text messaging is used a variety of ways by mining companies. Some of the industry specific uses for PageGate include:

- Alert Notifications of Noxious Gas Build-Up
- Critical Incident Alerts
- Emergency Alerts
- Weather Alerts and Notifications
- Staffing and Scheduling Alerts
- Infrastructure Monitoring Alerts

- Early Warning for the Safe Evacuation
- Alerts on Slope Monitoring
- Routine Staff Communciations
- Alarm Notifications
- Mandatory Training Notifications

PageGate is a modular text messaging gateway. Text messaging can be used a number of different ways by mining companies. PageGate can be easily integrated into existing applications or alarm systems so that if an alarm is triggered an alert is dispatched. PageGate is flexible, modular and scaleable so that it can be scaled to meet the size of any mining operation. SMS messages can be sent from workstations on a network, via web pages or from within existing software. 

PageGate is agnostic, and can send text messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Mining companies need to have plans in place to respond to critical situations, and the needs of their customers. PageGate assists in mobilizing personnel and communicating in the event of a critical incident. A timely response can often mean the difference between life and death.

When Was the First Text Message Sent?
- Seamless Integration with Almost Any Existing Software
- Seamless Integration with Almost Any Alarm System
- Emergency Notification for MIniers
- Detailed Real-time Monitoring and Logging
- Accountability with an Audit Trail
- Increase the Speed of Incident Resolution
- Built-in Redundancy and Failover Capabilities
- Immediate Critical Notifications
- Modular and Scaleable for All Mining Company Sizes
- Message Prioritization
- Seamless Integration with Monitoring Software to Monitor Infrastructure Integrity
- Support for Groups
- Support for On-Call Groups
- Support for Pre-Programmed Messages
- Support for Message Scheduling and Holding
- Support for a Variety of Communication Protocols
- Send to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

NotePage, Inc. Customers by Mining Companies

Sampling of NotePage Customers Using Software by Mining Companies

Amari Metals Ltd
DeBeers GK Mine
Debswana Diamond Co
Discovery Copper Botswana
Diviak Diamond Mine
Fives Stein Metallurgical Tech.
Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold
Geita Gold Mine LTD
Georgia Dept of Natural Resources
GroundProbe (white paper )
Indiana Dept of Natural Resources
Iron Planet
Katanga Mining
Kennecott Utah Copper Corp
Kumba Iron Ore Sishen Mine
Matunda Mining SARL
Metso Minerals (France) SA

Midwest Iron & Metal
Minerals Management Service
Namdeb Diamond Co
Natural Resources Canada
Nchanga Mine
Phelps Dodge Mining Co
Richards Bay Minerals
Rio Tinto Rossing Uranium Ltd
Rossing Uranium Limited
Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors
SC Dept of Natural Resoruces
Seismology and Geology
The Gold Group
Weir Minerals

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> Ground Stability Monitoring

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