SMS and Text Messaging Software for Airports and Airlines

Text messaging is used a variety of ways by airports and airlines. Some of the industry specific uses for PageGate include:

- Security Alerts and Emergency Notifications
- Flight Delay Notifications
- Text Flight Instructions from Air Traffic Controllers
- Severe Weather Alerts
- Check-in Reminders

- Baggage Carousel Information Notifications
- Notification of Schedule Delays or Changes
- Service Notifications and Alerts
- Routine Staff Communication

PageGate is a modular text messaging gateway that allows for messaging a variety of ways. SMS messages or text alerts can be sent from workstations on a network, via web pages or from within existing proprietary applications. PageGate is frequently used by airlines and airports to communicate flight delays, weather alerts or other information that may impact a passengers travel plans.

PageGate is modular and can be scaled to meet the size of any airport or airline.

PageGate is agnostic, and can send text messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Airports and airlines use text messaging to improve customer relations by communicating delays and other issues with customers and employees. A timely response can often mean the difference between a happy customer and a dissatisfied customer.

When Was the First Text Message Sent?
- Seamless Integration with Almost Any Existing Software
- Detailed Real-time Monitoring and Logging
- Accountability with an Audit Trail
- Increase the Speed of Incident Resolution
- Built-in Redundancy and Failover Capabilities
- Immediate Critical Notifications
- Modular and Scaleable for Any Size Airport or Airline
- Message Prioritization
- Support for Groups
- Support for On-Call Groups
- Support for Pre-Programmed Messages
- Support for Message Scheduling and Holding
- Support for a Variety of Communication Protocols
- Send to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

NotePage, Inc. Customers in Airports and Airlines

Sampling of NotePage Customers Using Software by Airports and Airlines

Airbus Defence and Space
Air America
Air Evac EMS
Air Force
Air Med Team
Arizona Air National Guard
Atlanta Airline Terminals
Auckland International Airport Ltd
Aviation Security Services
Billings Airport Operations
Boeing Shared Services
Branson Airport
Canjet Airlines
Charleston County Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority
Critical Care Transport
Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (white paper)
Georgia Port Authority
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Guardian Air & Medical Transport (white paper)

Hilton Head International Airport
Indianapolis International Airport
Irish Aviation Authority
Jet Propulsion Lab
Lockheed Martin
Melbourne Airport
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
PEO Aviation
Raleigh Durham Airport Authority
Rhode Island Airport Corp
Savannah/Hilton Head Intl Airport
The Boeing Company
Topeka Air Ambulance
US Air Force
USA 3000 Airlines
Valley International Airport
Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport
Will Rogers World Airport
Wilmington International Airport

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