RouteMobile SMS Integration

Steps to Use RouteMobile SMS with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from RouteMobile SMS
Follow these steps to use RouteMobile SmsPlus with PageGate
Clients that use RouteMobile's SmsPlus can easily configure PageGate pass messages using their HTTP API specification.

Here's how to configure PageGate to use RouteMobile's SmsPlus API:

Note: Please refer to the RouteMobile SmsPlus documentation for host and URL construction information.

1) Open the PageGate Admin.

2) Right click on Carriers, left click on Add.

3) Specify the following:
Name: RouteMobile
Protocol: HTTPGET
Host: This is provided by RouteMobile.
Port: This is provided by RouteMobile.

4) Click on Apply.

5) Go to Carriers - RouteMobile - Template.

6) In the Text section of the template, enter the following:
|username|Enter your RouteMobile API username|
|password|Enter your RouteMobile API password|

7) Click on Apply.

At this point, all you have to do is add a recipients tied to the RouteMobile and use their cell phone number in the ID/PIN field.

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