RF Technologies Terminal Integration

Steps to Use RF Technologies Transmitter with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from RF Technologies Terminal
PageGate can be easily integrated with RF Technologies paging transmitters by using TAP over IP, serial TAP or modem TAP.

You will need to configure the RF Technologies paging transmitter to receive TAP by one of those three methods, then configure that method in PageGate.

Step 1: Configure RFT as a delivery method
Run PG Admin.
Right click Carriers, select Add

Specify the following and click Apply:
Carrier: RFT
Protocol: TAP-IP
Host: The IP of the RF transmitter
Port: The port required by the transmitter
Max Chars: 240

Step 2: Create Recipients tied to the RFT method of delivery
Right click Recipients, select Add.

Specify the following:
Full Name: The name of the recipient
Recipient: This field will automatically populate but can be edited and may ONLY contain alphanumeric characters, underscores and dashes.
Type: Normal
Carrier: RFT
Failover: See Failover Scenarios in the documentation
ID/PIN: The pager ID
Example: 1035 or 8290500 or 7818290500
Max Chars: Specify the number of characters you want the ability to send to this recipient. If this value is higher than the carrier's "Max Chars" value, PageGate will break up long messages in to multiple blocks.

Click Apply.

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