PageGate SMS & Text Messaging Gateway Software

PageGate is a powerful SMS and text messaging gateway. PageGate accepts messages a variety of ways and can dispatch them via text messages using a variety of protocols and methods.

PageGate is a flexible powerful way to take control of corporate communications. PageGate is modular and scaleable, it can be incredibly powerful serving the needs of a multi-location business or agency or simply handle day to day communications of a small office.

PageGate allows for network text messaging or network wide SMS messaging through a combination of the following methods: email, web, command line, textfile, Internet, serial port, modem, mobile phone, wireless modem, direct database access or a windows client.

SMS or text messages can be sent to any number of cell phones, mobile phones, wireless devices, pagers, billboards, etc....

PageGate can be installed to run on a single non-dedicated workstation, or using its modular architecture, PageGate can actually be installed across a dozen or more computers for a truly high-performance messaging gateway system.

PageGate SMS and Text Messaging Software
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PageGate Inbound

The PageGate text messaging engine accepts messages in a variety of different ways. The following are different interface options for accepting messages into PageGate.
PageGate is modular and scaleable any single interface or combination of interfaces can be used.

PageGate Oubound

PageGate can be simultaneously accepting hundreds of messages from multiple sources such as email, webpages, analog modems, manual dispatchers, integration with other applications, etc., while also delivering them with up to sixteen concurrent outbound communication sessions.

Benefits to PageGate

  • Increased Speed of Incident Resolution A reliable communication solution increases the speed of incident resolution. With increased response times, informed decisions can be made bring a critical incident to a timely resolution.
  • Anywhere, Anyone, Anytime Text messaging is everywhere. Text messaging can reach remote employees, regardless of their location, as long as the cell phone has a signal, text messages can be sent and recieved.
  • Effective and Directive Text messages are personal, d irect and effective. Text messages reach the intended recipient and can concisely convey a message.
  • Automatic and Efficient Text messages can be automated should certain conditions exist, ultimately increasing efficiency.
  • Time Sensitive Text messages are received immediately.
  • Scheduled With PageGate SMS or text messages can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.
  • Logging & Tracking  Unlike a voice conversation, text messaging through PageGate retains a record of the conversation. PageGate's logging function retains the date and time stamps, so if the need should occur a timeline of communications can be reconstructed.
  •  Redundant If the cellphone is off or out of signal range, the message will arrive at the recipients phone if it is switched on or receives signal within 48 hours of sending.
  •  Save Time It takes far less time to send a text message than to make a phone call.
  •  Support for Individuals and Groups Send individual messages or group messages.
  •  Universal & Ubiquitous Text messaging is a universal platform that is more prevalent than specific messaging applications. 
  • Time Management & Reminders PageGate can be setup to send reminders to broadcast messages to individuals or groups.
  • Readability Statistics clearly indicate that text messages open rates at 98% far exceeds that of email. In fact most text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt.
  • Eco-Friendly Text messaging is eco-friendly and has the lowest impact for communication methods on your carbon footprint,
  • Convenience Let's face it text messaging is convenient.
  • Less Intrusive Text messages are less intrusive than a phone call.
  • Discreet Text messaging is more discreet than a phone conversation, making it an ideal form for communicating.
  • Save Time and Money Everyone knows time is money, increase response times, reduce down time and save money.

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