PageGate Priority Support

The goal of priority support is to give customers the opportunity to upgrade and extend their support. Time is money, so with priority support we guarantee you priority access to skilled technicians knowledgeable about PageGate software.

PageGate Priority Support Has the Following Benefits:

Free Version Upgrades

During the priority support subscription period all version upgrades will be made available free of charge.

Priority Response

Phone calls from customers who have upgraded to priority support, will receive priority handling.The call will be moved to the beginning of the queue, and handled before non-priority support calls.

Guaranteed Response Time

If you call between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 EST on a workday and no technician is available we guarantee a technician will call back within 4 hours. (please note: This does not guarantee that your problem will be resolved within 4 hours, it does however guarantee that you sill speak to a qualified technician within a maximum of 4 hours.) Phone calls received outside normal business hours (9:00-5:00 EST) will be returned within the first two hours of the next business day.

Custom Filter Script Assistance

Assistance with custom filter script development. NotePage technical support will assist with the development of custom scripts to meet specific business needs.

Access to Beta Copies

Priority subscribers will have advance access to beta copies of future PageGate versions. This will allow you to plan ahead, provide feedback in the development process, and possibly even help determine new features to be included.

Notification of Point Releases

Priority support customers will be given notification of point releases.

Call Backs

Priority access to senior engineers for any escalated issues.

Priority Access to Senior Engineers

Priority access to senior engineers for any escalated issues.

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