MOCEAN SMS Integration

Steps to Use MOCEAN SMS with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from MOCEAN SMS
MOCEAN provides a messaging platform that supports sending SMS using long codes, short codes and virtual mobile numbers. PageGate can easily send messages through MOCEAN's API ( by having PageGate pass GET/POST requests to it and with the addition of PageGate's new webdata CGI handler, you can also receive reply responses from mOcean!

Note: Before configuring PageGate to send SMS through the MOCEAN API, you will need to register and configure an account with MOCEAN (

Here's what you'll want to do to have PageGate send a POST statement to MOCEAN:

1) Open the PageGate Admin.

2) Right click Carriers, left click Add.

3) Name the carrier: MOCEAN

4) Set the protocol to: HTTPPOST

5) Set the host to:

6) Set the Port to: 443
Note: You'll need to type the value in the field.

7) Set the Max Chars value to: 160

8) Click Apply.

9) Go to Carriers - MOCEAN - Template.

10) In the 'Text' section, enter the following:

11) Click Apply.

It's also possible to enable two-way messaging with MOCEAN's API! To do so, you'll need to configure PageGate's GetWeb interface to reference an externally accessible web server. This could be a local installation of IIS/Apache/etc or an existing web server that PageGate has local drive or UNC file access to.

To start, use these steps to configure PageGate's GetWeb interface:

Next, we'll need to authorize the PageGate's webdata CGI handler to accept traffic:
1) In IIS, select the server object on the left hand side. In the middle, find ISAPI and CGI Restrictions.

2) Right click in the available space and select ‘Add’.

3) Click the ellipses (…) button and browse in to the c:\inetpub\pgscripts\ folder.

4) Change the file type from *.dll to *.exe

5) Double click ‘webdata.exe’ to select it.

6) In the Description, enter: GetWeb CGI Executable

7) Check ‘Allow extension path to execute’, then click OK.

This will make your PageGate server available for mOcean to communicate with. During your setup with mOcean, you will need to let them know the URL to your webdata.exe

For example, if you just have an IP instead of a proper domain name configured, your return URL might be something like http://x.x.x.x/pgscripts/webdata.exe

If you have it hosted under a domain name, it would be something like

Depending on what you want done with responses and replies, you may need to configure additional interfaces and filters in PageGate. For example, you could configure your system to scan for specific keywords or key phrases and perform a special function, you could have all replies routed to a predetermined list of email addresses, or you could do both or even something in between quite easily.

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