Mobile Text Alerts Integration

Steps to Use Mobile Text Alerts with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from Mobile Text Alerts
Step 1: Create a Mobile-Text-Alerts Account

Go to
Go through the account creation and registration process to receive your API key.

Step 2: Configure Mobile-Text-Alerts in PageGate
Run PG Admin.

Right click Carriers, select Add

Specify the following:
Carrier: Mobile-Text-Alerts
Protocol: HTTPGET
Port: 80
Max Chars: 160

Click Apply to add the new delivery method.
Go to Carriers - Mobile-Text-Alerts - Template
Specify the following in the 'Text' section:
|key|Enter your API Key|

Click Apply

Step 3: Create Recipients tied to the Mobile-Text-Alerts method of delivery
Right click Recipients, select Add.

Specify the following:
Full Name: The name of the recipient
Recipient: This field will automatically populate but can be edited and may ONLY contain alphanumeric characters, underscores and dashes.
Type: Normal
Carrier: Mobile-Text-Alerts
Failover: See Failover Scenarios
ID/PIN: Cell phone number with no spaces or dashes
Max Chars: Specify the number of characters you want the ability to send to this recipient. If this value is higher than the carrier's "Max Chars" value, PageGate will break up long messages in to multiple blocks.

Click Apply.

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