GSM and Cellular Modems, Routers/Gateways

Cellular hardware is the most reliable and efficient method of delivering SMS. By using cellular hardware, you're removing PageGate's reliance on your internet connection to deliver your messages which means that your internet connection could go down and your messages would still be delivered. It's also incredibly important to note that allowing PageGate to interact with cellular hardware is the only method of configuring a two-way messaging system with SMS.

SMS capable cellular hardware comes in two varieties: cellular gateway/router and cellular modem.

Cellular Gateways/Routers
Cellular routers and gateways can be accessed via TCP by Telnet or SSH. You don't have to connect these devices to a PC, they just need to be connected to your network and configured appropriately to receive messaging commands.

Good examples of cellular routers/gateways are:
Multitech's MTR-LNA7, MTR-LVW2 and MTR-LAT1
Airlink's GX450, RV50, RV55 and LX40
Microhard IP4nGii
Cisco Series 800, 900

For clientele in the UK and EU regions
ConiuGo GmbH 700600150S
ConiuGo GmbH 700600160S
ConiuGo GmbH 700600170S

For information on how to configure TCP accessible cellular hardware, have a look at the Creating a GSM-AT-IP Carrier steps.

GSM Modems / Cellular Modems
A cellular modem connects to a PC by USB or RS232 and provides a COM port in the operating system.

If PageGate is running in a virtual environment, you can also connect a cellular modem to a COM port virtualizer that provides the COM port to the virtual machine. This grants PageGate access to the cellular modem, which allows it to send and receive text messages just like a cell phone does.

Good examples of cellular modem are:
Multitech's MTC-H5 and MTR-LNA4
US Robotics' USR3500
Microhard's IP4NG
AirPrime 73xx and 75xx
BlueOcean GSM and GPRS series
Duxbury 120 and 180
Siemens MTC45MC, MTC45TC, TC35, TC65
Wavecom Fastrack GSM Modems

For information on how to configure RS232 or USB connected cellular hardware, have a look at the Creating a GSM-AT Carrier steps.

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