Encrypted Text Messaging

Encrypted Text and SMS Messages

What is Encryption?

Encryption is an effective way to ensure data security. Encryption uses an algorithm to scramble (or encrypt) data, it then uses a "key" for the receiving party to unscramble (or decrypt) the text or data. A traditional text message is plaintext, and can easily be read and may even be intercepted. An encrypted message requires a key to decrypt.

Why does it Matter?

Standard SMS and text messaging is not encrypted or secure. If you want to send secure messages you will need to use a system that uses encryption. An effective encryption solution helps to ensure that data is protected at all times, whether in transport or simply being stored. With many industries adopting text messaging as a means to communicate critical sensitive data quickly, there are concerns about the security of the data contained in those messages. Hence, encryption and secure messaging is becoming more common.

How to Send Encrypted Text Messages?

Currently, to send an encrypted SMS/text message, you will need a third-party host like TigerConnect, QliqSoft,or SPOK through which the messages flow. These third party services provide an on-phone application that the end-user installs to receive the encrypted message or the third-party host retains the message on a secure server and notifies the end-user they have a message. The end-use must log in to the secure gateway to view the secure message.

There are a variety of ways to send encrypted messages to cell phones, pagers, web servers and anything else that provides a secure host. PageGate is used to trigger the messages and can be configured to receive input in a variety of different ways. PageGate can be used with a program monitoring an alarm system for critical alerts. PageGate can be integrated with a nursecall system for automated messaging or you could do both at the same time, the possibilities are endless.

To ensure that a text message is only available to the intended recipient(s), consider adopting a method of secure SMS Delivery.

For additional details on how to use pageGate with solutions that allow for sendng encrypted text messages see the steps for each application at: How to Integrate with PageGate

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