eDispatches Integration

Steps to Use eDispatches with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from eDispatches
PageGate can be easily configured to pass messages to eDispatches messaging platform.

Here are the steps to configure PageGate to send messages to eDispatches:

1) Open the PG Admin.

2) Right click on Carriers, left click on Add.

3) Name the Carrier: eDispatches

4) Set the following:

Protocol: SMTP
Carrier Domain: edispnoc.com
Max Chars: 600

5) Click on Apply.

To add an eDispatches Recipient:

1) Open the PG Admin.

2) Right click on Recipients, left click on Add.

3) Give the Recipient a name.

4) Set the Carrier to: eDispatches

5) In the ID/PIN field, enter the email address eDispatches has provided.

6) Click on Apply.

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