Clickatell Integration

Steps to Use Clickatell with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from Clickatell
PageGate can be easily configured to pass messages to Clickatell's messaging platform. You'll first need a Clickatel username and password, an API ID and API password. Once you have that information from Clickatell, here's what you'll want to do in PageGate:

1) Open the PageGate Admin.

2) Right click on Carriers, left click on Add.

3) Specify the following:
Name: Clickatell
Protocol: HTTPGET
Port: 80
Max CharS: 160

4) Click on Apply.

5) Go to Carriers - Clickatell - Template.

6) In the Text portion of the template, copy and paste the following:
|api_id|Your Clickatell API ID|
|user|Your Clickatell username|
|password|Your Clickatell password|

*** Please note the static '1' in the 'to' parameter of the template. Clickatell wants all phone number in international format (country code first). By using the statement "1%Pin%", we're telling PageGate to put a 1 in front of the 10 digit cell phone number you've programmed in the recipient.

7) Click on Apply.

Then any time you need to add a recipient, tie it to the Clickatell carrier and use the 10 digit cell phone number in the ID/PIN field.

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