Benefits to Airplane Mode

Many individuals have embraced the benefits of airplane mode using the feature when they are not in flight. Airplane Mode disables Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and turns off the cell phone's ability to connect to cellular networks.

How is airplane mode helpful?

Saves Battery Life
When a phone is placed in airplane mode it is not constantly attempting to connect to a cell network or find a wireless signal. This means that the battery life is preserved causing the cell phone battery to last longer.

Increases Speed of Charging
When a phone is in airplane mode applications are not downloading updates, or even checking for updates. This means in most cases applications are "inactive". An inactive cell phone will charge much faster than one that is active.

Reduces Interruptions
A cell phone in airplane mode will not trigger alerts or notifications. If you are in need of uninterrupted time, placing a cell phone in airplane mode will stop any notifications or alerts from interrupting you.

Reduce Exposure to EMF Radiation
When a cell phone connects to a cell network or other device using Wi-Fi, bluetooth or a cell signal, it creates a form of EMF radiation. In fact one of the reasons that cell phones are required to be placed in "airplane mode" when in flight, is that it is thought that the RF signals of the cell phone may interfere with sensitive sensors and equipment on the airplanes. Placing a cell phone in airplane mode reduces exposure to EMF radiation.

Keep Roaming Charges to a Minimum
When traveling with a cell phone, consumers can incur expensive data roaming charges for accessing a cell networks outside of their plan. Airplane mode also has the additional advantage for travelers that the cell phone will not seek out cell networks, meaning you will not unexpectedly incur roaming charges.

While many only use airplane mode while in flight. There are a number of additional benefits to airplane mode that you may want to consider.

Article Date: September 28, 2020

Benefits to Airplane Mode

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