Augnet Integration

Steps to Use Augnet with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from Augnet
PageGate can be easily configured to send messages through Augnet's platform by using their API to submit messages directly!

Before you begin, we'd recommend that you have reach out to Augnet for their documentation on how to submit SMS messages with their API. You will need to register an account to use this service. As part of the registration, you will receive username, password and sender ID that you'll need for this configuration.

If you register multiple channels, say one for high priority traffic and one for low priority traffic, each will have a unique sender ID and each will need to be configured as a carrier in PageGate.

Once you're registered, here's how to configure PageGate to use a GET method to submit messages to Augnet's messaging API:

1) Open PG Admin.

2) Right click Carriers, select 'Add'

3) Specify the following:
Name: Augnet
Protocol: HTTPGET
Port: 8002
Max Chars: 6000

4) Click Apply.

5) Go to Carriers - Augnet - Advanced.

6) Enter your Agunet username and password in the Username and Password fields.

7) Go to Carriers - Augnet - Template.

8) Specify the following in the 'Settings' section:
HTTPProtocol = https

9) Specify the following in the 'Text' section:
|ani|Your Augnet Sender ID|

10) Click Apply.

To add a recipient to use the new Augnet carrier:

1) Right click Recipients, slect Add.

2) Give the Recipient a name.

3) Set the Carrier to: Augnet

4) In the ID/PIN, enter cell phone number in international format.
Correct: +17818290500
Incorrect: 7818290500

5) Click Apply.

At this point, you should now be able to send messages using the Augnet API. Happy messaging!

Note: Requires Pagegate version 9 or better

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