NotePage Android SMS Gateway

Wireless modems, in general, are an excellent option for message delivery. They simplify setup, reduce the administration requirements, improve the reliability of PageGate and NotePager Pro. Now any Android phone can be used as a wireless modem with PageGate and NotePager Pro.

Many android phones limit text message delivery to 100 messages per  hour. The NotePage SMS Gateway App includes 10 limit extender  services, allowing up to 1000 messages per hour to be sent.

Android SMS Gateway Software

Benefits to Android SMS Gateway

  •  Simple Setup/Configuration
    A reliable communication solution increases the speed of incident resolution. With increased response times, informed decisions can be made bring a critical incident to a timely resolution.
  •  Anywhere, Anyone, Any Time,
    Only recipient's phone number needed
  •  Effective and Direct
    Most direct way to send text/SMS messages
  •  Automatic and Efficient
    Text messages can be automated should certain conditions exist, ultimately increasing efficiency
  • Save Time and Money
    Everyone knows time is money, increase response times, reduce down time and save money

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