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Release Notes File Information:


Release Notes File for PageGate Version 8.0.0


Changes since 7.0.26

Added GSM-AT-IP protocol

Added TAP-IP protocol

Added XMPP protocol

New TAP-IP Server module (TAP over TCP/IP)

New Serial2ASCII interface modules

New SMS Gateway Android App

New PG Filter Pack

Support for Windows Server 2016

Added UseSMSM2M template setting to support alternate GSM-AT commandset

Added UseTelnet template setting for RawTCP, GSM-AT-IP protocols

In PG Admin added "Copy from" function to recipient, group and display group member screens

Added InterMessageDelay template setting

Added login support for RawTCP protocol

Added init string support to RawTCP protocol

Added Received, Content-Type and Content-Transfer-Encoding headers to outbound SMTP messages

Improved SMTP delivery logging

Improved port scan tool in PG Admin and added DNS port check

Added DNS lookup tool in PG Admin

Added UseAlternateDNS template setting for MX lookups

In PG Admin added progress indicators to import and export routines

Message limit handling added to TCP, Serial and GSMAT protocols

Expanded length of carrier username and password fields to 100 characters

Added SMTP_Timeout and POP_Timeout registry settings for mailserver inbound connections

Added ResponseRecipient template variable for use with HTTPPOST and HTTPGET protocols

When 'Forward To' is being used, messages with a blank sender now use the postmaster address

Fixed problem where RawSerial protocol was sending the message text twice

Added logging of full response to HTTPGET and HTTPPOST protocols

(sometimes isn't logged to PG Monitor and only to disk - due to length)

Added PGM_IP0 registry setting to hard-code localhost IP address for PG Monitor logging (default is

PG can now auto-detect some GSM-AT modem commands

Reply Carrier added to Connector 2-way settings, so a Carrier's communications settings can be used

Added 'Reply Check' polling interval setting to global connectors screen

Improved GSM-AT delivery performance

Added support for Andorid NotePage SMS Gateway application

Database synchronization routine now imports/exports templates for carriers and recipients

Added ForwardThroughRecipient registry setting to modify the behavior of 'Forward To' messages

Fixed problem with WCTP protocol where non-standard ports sometimes weren't recognised

Improved scheduling of connectors according to both carrier and recipient priority



Changes since 7.0.25

 GetMail does a better job of handling multi-line quoted-printable encoded subject headers

 Connectors are a little more lenient about required carriage-returns in the TAP protocol (some Zetron terminals not providing them correctly)

 Added option (registry setting) to allow GetAscii to process hidden files

 Fixed logging problem in GetAscii for files that are unreadable (logged an incorrect recipient name)

 Added ModemWakeupCommand template setting

 GUI client was not allowing alpha characters to be used in ad-hoc recipients - fixed

 The SNPP Server pininfo file will now accept "*","*","<recipient>" entry

 Increased the ODBC timeout from 1 to 3 seconds for linked SQL tables

 Fixed poblem with GetAscii's "changing" file type


Changes since 7.0.24

 Added "ExpandTabs" template setting to convert tab characters to multiple spaces

 Fixed problem with connectors getting duplicate 'dialer' field error when failing over messages

 Nightly routine will now skip inaccessible log files during trim routine


Changes since 7.0.23

 Fixed problem sending via WCPT when host responses used single quotes around xml tag values

 Change made to scheduler so error #10065 won't retry

 All modules now use quoted paths internally

 Fixed problem with reports in PG Admin when there was an apostrophe in the recipient name

 Fixed report: sent messages - by sender - totals only

 Fixed problem importing recipients using simplified text file option


Changes since 7.0.22

 PG Admin GetMail Settings static DNS field always displayed system DNS values, even if static value was set and being used

 Added X-Mailer header to outgoing SMTP messages

 SNPP server MaxConnection setting was being ignored - fixed

 The 'dialer' field was being left as null when new messages were created. New default value is 0 (zero)

 Marking multiple messages as 'FAILED' by connectors was slow - fixed

 Added 'Large Font' option in GUI Client

 Carriers using TAP protocol now look for more strict message sequence replies when sending


Changes since 7.0.21

 Added "IgnoreCD" template setting to ignore modem CD line when sending via TAP, UCP, and SERIAL protocols

 Updated scheduler to give detailed info about any null values found in the database

 Fixed problem with GetMail using AdHoc recipients where only the PIN from the first message's subject was used

 Fixed problem with FaxSvr protocol where first recipient received all messages from a group

 Made some changes when writing to the messages table to solve some delays when using linked tables with MS SQL Server

 Changed default template value for SMTPHelloHost to %InternetDomain%


Changes since 7.0.20

 Update to GetMail to improve processing of multipart messages

 GUI Client will now allow multiple copies to be run on the same computer when using serverlist feature

 PG Monitor Good/Bad fields made read-only

 Added capability to add pauses to RawTCP and RawSerial delivery protocols

 Connectors will translate accented characters to non-accented version when StripNonPrintable is set in the template

 The GetAscii module now won't truncate messages to their maximum input size (6000 chars) until after processing the lookup table

 In SMTP sessions, increased wait for response after sending message body from 30 to 45 seconds

 Updated TAP protocol to send EOT when carrier message limit is reached

 Fixed problem with GetTap where it rarely and intermittently used an incorrect sender value


Changes since 7.0.14

 Update made to GetMail module to better handle some types of base64 encoded email messages

 Removed colon and tab characters from default subject delimiter list

 Shortened default subject search length to 40 characters

 Lengthened the recipient's ID/PIN field to 80 characters


Changes since 7.0.13

 Minor speed improvement to process state checking routines

 Minor changes in module start/stop logging syntax

 SnppMessOnly setting moved from registry to template settings


Changes since 7.0.12

 PG GUI Client arrow key in recipient list now moves to first recipient in the list, not first created recipient in the database

 Minor update to help mail server process shut down more reliably

 Updated PG Admin's Microsoft treeview control to newer version

 Improved speed of loading recipients from database into PG Admin's tree at startup

 Minor speed improvement for the SMTP protocol (less small packets sent)


Changes since 7.0.11

 GetMail was mis-handling end of line characters in messages using content type HTML and Quoted Printable encoding - fixed

 Fixed problem in PG Admin where switching from one recipient advanced screen to another, and applying changes, the canges are improperly applied to the new recipient

 The little used 'nopage' feature has been depreciated

 Update made to PG Admin's Send Message routine to work with new versions of MS SQL and linked tables


Changes since 7.0.10

 GetMail can now process subject lines that have different encoding than the message body

 SMTP and WCTP delivery will use the Postmaster email address if no sender address is provided

 New option to keep GetTap direct connections active indefinitely (no EOT)

 Fixed problem in GetTap when incoming ad-hoc PIN is out of range, and follows a valid ad-hoc PIN message in same session

 Tweaked connector priorities to encourage internet based protocol carriers to use non-serial port connectors more often

 PG Admin import routines will now indicate where import errors occur in the import text files

 GetMail now accounts for systems that (incorrectly) end email headers with CRLFLF instead of CRLFCRLF

 The touch tone reciever module now supports modems that use single character unsolicited response codes (i.e. R for Ring)


Changes since 7.0.9

 Fixed problem with routine that stripped non-printable characters (control characters) in messages


Changes since 7.0.8

 Fixed problem sending WCTP messages using HTTPS

 Lengthened host field for carriers


Changes since 7.0.7

 Fixed problem when sending WCTP in enterprise host mode and using WCTPResponsesTo, where invalid attribures are sent


Changes since 7.0.6

 Fixed problem in GetTap module causing DB errors when using ad-hoc ranges

 Some windows in PG Admin could get hidden behind the main window - fixed

 Added support to WCTP carriers to allow reply redirection (if supported by the carrier)

 Fixed template problem where 'From' and 'To' settings were applied after the message text was processed


Changes since 7.0.5

 Fixed problem where PG Admin was getting errors on some screens if there were more than 32767 objects in its tree

 Connectors using GSM modems will now send an <ESC> to cancel a message, after a message is not accepted by the modem (usually a network issue)

 Connectors using GSM modems will wait for the +CDS message after sending a message, if the +CNMI command is used in the connector's init string

 Added support for Data24-7 wireless carrier lookup service

 Improved PGStray behavior for starting PageGate modules

 Changed connectors to use the server's machine name instead of the workstation's machine name in the SMTP HELO comand, by default


Changes since 7.0.4

 ***Important - Fix for problem where if multiple messages are being sent by the same connector, to the same carrier, all messages sent in that specific delivery session may contain the same text

 Fixed problem where the 'StripNonPrintable' template setting was adding extra spaces

 Added AM/PM field to requeue messages form in PG Admin


Changes since 7.0.3

 Fixed problem with database upgrade routine where carrier template entries were being created instead of recipient templates

 Fixed problem with template settings not being processed correctly on non-english versions of Windows

 Added notification list support for failover events


Changes since 7.0.2

 Fixed problem with templating system where it was applying the priority of the subject and body values, in the wrong order


Changes since 7.0.1

 Fixed problem in PG Admin where 'template' object was not available for recipients or carriers after the first 1000

 Fixed problem in PG Admin when choosing the 'Groups' object under an ad-hoc recipient

 Fixed content-type: variable sent to webservers during WCTP transactions - was causing failures with some WCTP hosts

 Fixed 3134 error when receiving email messages for ad-hoc email recipients

 Fixed problem with templating system where it was applying the priority of the settings in the wrong order.


Changes since 7.0.0

 Improved db retry routines for when database is busy

 Moved support dlls back into program folder from common folder