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NOTE: To access the Email sub-section of a Recipient, the GetMail API must be configured and enabled.


This section controls mailbox hosting and email forwarding for this recipient.






Mailbox Name

This field determines the hosted mailbox name of this recipient. This is the value that is used when sending an email in to PageGate for processing. For example, let's say that we have the GetMail API hosting a sub-domain of The mailbox name would be the part before the @ of any email that you wanted to send in. For instance, you would use with the example recipient shown above.

Forward Copy To

If an email address is entered in to this field, any message queued for this recipient will also be forwarded to the specified email address.

Enable POP Access to Messages

This option enables POP access to this recipient's hosted mailbox. This allows email client programs access to email hosted by the PageGate server for this mailbox.

POP Password

This option is only available when "Enable POP Access to Messages" is enabled. This field sets the password for the hosted mailbox for this recipient.

POP Mail Collection

This section allows you to tie this recipient to an externally hosted POP mailbox.

Email Aliases

This option is only available when "Enable POP Access to Messages" is enabled. Click the Email Aliases button to add, edit, or remove an Email Alias.


This button saves any recent changes to the Email section of the Recipient.