Creating a TONE Carrier

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1)Right click Carriers.



2)Select Add.

3)Select the TONE protocol.



4)Enter a name in the Carrier field.

5)If your modem requires a special initialization string to send DTMF, enter it in the Init String field.

6)Set the Max Chars field to the maximum number of digits you want to transmit in a single dial-in session.

7)The Wait String field determines how long the program should pause before transmitting the touch tones in the message. Your modem uses the Hayes AT command set, which means a comma represents a two second pause and an @ represents a 3 second pause.




8)Click Apply.

9) Go to Connectors - Connector X - Settings.

Note: Any connector can use a modem but a connector can only be tied to one modem at a time. Multiple connectors cannot reference the same modem.



10) Set the Serial Port field to match the COM port of the modem.

11) Click Apply.


Click here for a list of Settings Variables that can be used with TONE Carriers