Creating a FAX Carrier

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This protocol allows you to tell PageGate to send a fax using a fax capable dial-up modem.


NOTE: While not absolutely required, we would recommend creating a Faxing Template for any FAX Carriers you create.


1)Right click Carriers.



2)Select Add.

3)Select the FAX protocol.



4)Enter a name in the Carrier field.

5)Set the Init String field to: (auto)

6)Set the Fax Class required by the receiving fax machine(s).

7)Set the Max Chars value to: 6000



8)Click Apply.

9)Go to Connectors - Connector X - Settings.

Note: Any connector can use a modem but a connector can only be tied to one modem at a time. Multiple connectors cannot reference the same modem.



10) Set the Serial Port field to match the COM port of your modem.

11) Click Apply.