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Polling Interval

This field determines how often the connector system polls the database for updates to the messages table of the database from the Scheduler.

Reply Check

When implementing a cellular modem, router or gateway, this field determines how often the connector system should poll the modem for reply messages in memory.

Dial Threshold

This field determines is the number of messages any one Connector can have in queue before passing off additional messages to the next Connector in sequence.


For example, let's say that you have the Dial Threshold set to 20 and that both Connectors 1 and 2 are enabled. Then let's say you queue 30 messages for PageGate to deliver. Connector 1 will first 20 and give the next 10 to Connector2 for processing.


This determines the number of attempts the Connectors will make when delivering a message. If a message cannot be delivered after the specified number of retries, it is marked bad.

Retry Interval

This field determines how long each Connector waits between successive retries.


This button saves any changes recently made to the Global Settings of the Connectors.