Windows Messaging Integration

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Windows Messaging Integration

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Windows Messaging Integration

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This option enables other software to send new messages to the GetAscii interface by sending it a 'Windows Message'.  Windows Messages can be sent by using the SendMessage() Windows API call.  The application to be integrated with PageGate must be running on the same computer as the GetAscii module to use this integration method.  This method may require a little more programming experience that the previous methods, but it is more efficient than the previous methods and is fairly easy to implement.  Here is the syntax of the API call:


SendMessage(PGHandle, WM_COPYDATA, MyHandle, CopyDataStructure)

Please refer to a Windows API reference for syntax and usage information


The current PageGate handle (PGHandle) can be read from the registry at:



The CopyDataStructure should contain a string value with the following format:

sendpage32 recipient sender message


The 'sendpage' text must be a the beginning of the string.

The 'recipient' label should be replaced with the name of an existing PageGate recipient or group.

The 'Sender' label should be replaced with the sender's name.

The 'message' label should be replaced with the actual text of the message to be sent.


For example:

sendpage32 Bob John This is a test


That would send a message to Bob from John that said "This is a test".