SNPP Server Add-on

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SNPP Server Add-on

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SNPP Server Add-on

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SNPP-IN or GetSNPP - enables PageGate to receive incoming data using the SNPP protocol.


Multi-threaded server - capable of many simultaneous inbound connections.


Number Range File - for configuring the server's options and to set ranges of acceptable  pager or cell phone numbers.


Bad numbers - can be rejected or silently dropped (your choice).


Non Binding - SNPP-In does not bind itself to one IP address / NIC.


Port 444 - monitors all port 444 traffic on the machine.


TAP - most commonly used protocol with a connection to a paging terminal.


Ad-Hoc Recipients - messages can be sent by using the pager or cell phone numbers. Recipients do not need to be setup in PageGate. Only available with the PageGate 5000 Pager License or greater.


Commandline/Ascii Interface - all SNPP message acceptance / rejection is configured using a text file.