What's New

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What's New

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What's New

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Take advantage of the powerful and efficient PageGate Version 7!



Brand new powerful message templating system.

Administrators now have total control of how outgoing messages are formatted.
Templates can be set at multiple levels, minimizing the number of templates needed.
Templates are automatically created when upgrading from previous versions


Priority settings for recipients and carriers.

Messages to certain recipients and/or carriers can be moved to the front of the delivery queue


New PageGate load-balancing module

Intelligent load-balancing
Round robbin support
Failover support
Supports up to 4 PageGate servers


SMTP SSL/TLS and STARTTLS now supported for SMTP connections.

Supports secure and encrypted connections for message delivery.


Carrier level default domain for the SMTP protocol.

Saves administration time when setting up new recipients.
Saves even more time when switching recipients to a new carrier.


Dynamically updated DNS servers.

If Internet connections are changed, PageGate's DNS settings will automatically change too.


SMTP relay servers settable on a by-carrier basis.

Allows multiple outgoing paths for different SMTP carriers.


New HTTPGET and HTTPPOST delivery protocols.

Can push message data to webpages and webforms.


Support for setting small delays between messages.

Better support for old or slow equipment that can't keep up with PageGate's delivery rate.


Improved Fax Capabilities, including MS Fax service support.

Messages can be sent to a Microsoft faxprinter on the local computer
Messages can be sent to another computer running MS fax service.


Improved support for the latest Windows operating systems.

Smother installs, uninstalls, upgrades, and day to day operations.


New silent installer capabilities.

Useful for automating deployment of PageGate on multiple computers.
Especially useful for the PageGate GUI Client.


Upgrade/Integration Notes


Database changes to reflect PageGate's new features and capabilities:

 carriers table

         + relay_mail

         + relay_server

         + username (split out of password field)

         + priority

         - drop_control


 users table

         + priority

         - drop_control

         - alpha

         - notify_only

         - notify_code

         - remove_from

         - remove_domain

         - reliapage

         - sendsubject


 messages table

         + priority


 templates table (new)

         + type

         + name

         + settings

         + subject

         + body


 ***Note: Integrators can leave removed fields (-) in place - won't harm anything.

 ***Note: New fields must be populated.


For a more detailed list of all changes, please see pgrelease.txt