GUI Interface/GUI Client

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GUI Interface/GUI Client

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GUI Interface/GUI Client

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Local and network recipient lists - on each workstation you can choose recipients from the network recipient list, or from a smaller local recipient list that can be defined for each workstation.


Scheduled messages - messages can be scheduled to be sent at a future date/time.


Repeating messages - messages can be scheduled to repeat at predefined interval.


Multiple recipients - allows a single message to be sent to more than one recipient and/or group.


Pre-programmed messages - on each workstation, up to 100 pre-programmed messages can be defined.


Real-time message status log - each workstation can track the progress of each message from start to finish.


Real-time message status counters - displays current number of messages pending, sent, or failed from each workstation.


Message character counter - displays the length of the current message.


Message history log - displays a history of all messages sent from the workstation.


Point and click operation - an intuitive user interface makes the PageGate Client very easy to use.


Spell check - a spell check option is available on systems running MS Word.


Recipient cueing - Recipients may be selected by typing the first few letters of their name.


Restricted recipient lists - PageGate Client users can be restricted to only be able to use a local recipient list.


Reporting - Print or preview reports for messages that are pending or already sent.