Program Settings

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Program Settings

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In the Program - Settings section of the Admin, you can modify the base options and functions of the PageGate Server.


Program Settings




Program Directory

The Program Directory MUST point to the directory where the PageGate Admin is installed.

Database Directory

This is the directory where PageGate stores its database. The database contains ALL pertinent information for the PageGate Server and must be available on the network for the GUI Client and Additional Admin.

Log Directory

This is the directory where PageGate stores the record of transactions for all modules. All of the program and security logs are written to this directory.

Archive Directory

When the option for PageGate to archive log files is enabled, all of the archived files will be stored in this directory.

Run PageGate As

This sets how the PageGate Server runs. By default, the PageGate Server runs as an Application. We do, however, recommend running PageGate as a Windows Service once you have the program configured. See the Run Styles section for more information.

Run on this server

This section allows you to choose which Interfaces are to be run by the PageGate Server. Please see the Interfaces section for more information on each of PageGate's modules.