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This field is what is displayed in the GUI Client and paging websites.


After a group has been added, the Group field cannot be modified within the settings of the group. To modify the Group name, please Right Click on the group's name in the left hand column and select the Rename option.

Enabled Services

The list of PageGate modules that are enabled and available are listed here. Modules that are not highlighted are not available. Modules not checked are not enabled for this group. For example, if the GetAscii module isn't enabled for your group, the GetAscii module will not be able to send this group any messages.


If an Interface is not available and it should be, please make sure that the Interface is enabled both in the Program Settings and in the Interface Settings.

On-Call Group

This option should only be enabled if the members of this group should only be paged at certain times or on certain days of the week. Please refer to the On-Call Settings for further information.

On-Call Schedule

This option is only available when On-Call Group is checked. Clicking on this button will allow you to configure a time and date schedule for when the members of this group can and cannot be messaged.


Apply saves all recently made changes to a recipient's settings.