Command Line Interface

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Command Line Interface

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The Command Line Interface function of GetAscii can be used to send messages to PageGate from:

DOS Command Line

Messages can be sent from a DOS prompt

Windows Command Line

Messages can be sent from the Windows Run menu.

Third Party Applications

Messages can be sent from any application that can issue a command line command (shell command).

Custom Applications

This is a popular interface for developers who want an easy way to add paging to their application.

The most basic components of the Command Line interface are the sendpage.exe and sendpage32.exe files. These files are created in the Polling Directory specified in the base settings of the GetAscii module.

The difference between the sendpage.exe and sendpage32.exe files is that the sendpage.exe is intended to be run from a DOS Command Line or by 16-bit applications.

The sendpage32.exe is a 32-bit program. This means that it to execute it from within some 32-bit applications that are unable to run 16-bit programs. This also means that it may be unable to be executed from some 16-bit applications.

An advantage of using sendpage32.exe over sendpage.exe is that sendpage32.exe may be able to accept more characters on it's command line. Due to a DOS/Windows limitation, sendpage.exe can only accept 128 characters.

The syntax and structure of the command line is as follows:

sendpage.exe <recipient> <sender> <message>

In the example above, <recipient> should be replaced with the intended recipient's name. This must match the recipient field.

<sender> should be replaced with who is sending the message and should never be left blank.

<message> should be replaced with the actual message text and should never be left blank.