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In the base settings of the GetAscii module, you can specify a directory for the module to look within for ascii files. As shown in the image above, you can have this module Enabled or Disabled. If you choose Enabled, you must specify a valid directory within the Polling directory field. If a valid directory is not specified, PageGate will ask if you wish to create the directory.





When the Enabled checkbox is checked, it tells the PageGate server to run the GetAscii module. If the Enabled option is greyed out, please enable the master setting for GetAscii in the Program Settings.

Polling Directory

This field specifies the location PageGate will monitor for ascii files to be processed. It can be set to a local path (c:\ascii\, for example) or a UNC path (\\server\path\).

Polling Interval

The setting in this field determines how often the GetAscii module looks for new ascii files in the Polling Directory.


By clicking on the + next to Settings, it will reveal the Advanced Polling options. Please refer to the Advanced Polling section for more information.