First Time Setup

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First Time Setup

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In order to properly setup the PageGate GUI Client, the PageGate Server must already be installed, setup, and running (refer to PageGate's documentation for installation and operations).


The first time you start the PageGate GUI Client, the setup screen will be displayed.


1. Specifying the server's data directory.

During the setup of the PageGate Server, a location for PageGate's database was specified (pagegate.mdb).  The PageGate GUI Client must know the location of that database file, in order to operate.  Type the full path to the database file in the 'Server Database' field, or use the browse button (three dots) to find its location.


2. Preset Msgs File

The GUI Client can store up to 100 preset messages to help users quickly enter commonly  used messages or phrases.  Enter a file path and name here to store these messages.


3. Sender's Name

By default, each message sent by the PageGate GUI Client is prefixed with the name of the sender (this behavior can be turned off in the PG Admin program if desired).  This is where you specify that name.


4. Station Number

The station number is used in the log files to indicate which workstation a message originated from.  Each workstation should be given a unique station number (unless you want multiple workstation to share the same history log).


5. Update frequency

This sets how often (in seconds) the PageGate GUI Client updates its statistics and logs.  Too small a value may generate unnecessary network traffic.


6. Local Recipient List Only

This option can be use to only allow the user of this program to see recipients in their local recipient list.  The full network recipient list will not be accessible.


7. Enable Spell Check

If you have Microsoft Word 97 or newer, you can enable this option to allow for the spell checking of messages.


8. Choose to save the above setting for all users of this workstation, or for only the currently logged in user.


9. Apply your changes.


Setup of the PageGate GUI Client is now complete.  You are ready to send messages!