Features & Capabilities

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Multiple Protocol Support - all the standard wireless messaging protocols are supported: (GSMAT, SMTP, SNPP, TAP (IXO/PET), TONE, UCP, WCTP, in addition, email and faxing protocols are supported)


Scheduled messages - messages can be scheduled to be sent at a future date/time


Repeating messages - messages can be scheduled to repeat at predefined interval, for a settable period of time


Group paging - messages can be sent to a predefined group of recipients


Multiple recipients - allows a single message to be sent to more than one recipient and/or  group


Pre-programmed messages - on each workstation, up to 100 pre-programmed messages can be defined


Real-time message status logs - each workstation can track the progress of each message from start to finish


Real-time message status counters - displays current number of messages scheduled, pending, sent, or failed from each workstation


Message history log - displays a history of all messages sent from each workstation


Intelligent message queuing - messages for the same carrier are grouped together and sent during a single communications session


Point and click operation - an intuitive user interface makes the NotePager Pro very easy to use


Spell check - a spell check option is available on systems running MS Word


Message splitting - Long messages are intelligently split into multiple smaller messages


Settable character limits - The maximum number of characters to be sent in a message is settable by carrier and individual recipient


On-call groups - A schedule can be setup for the recipients in a group, allowing NotePager Pro to send messages to only the recipients scheduled to receive messages a that point in time.


Message logging - NotePager Pro keeps a detailed log of the communication sessions with the paging carriers.


Requeue messages - missed messages can be requeued for re-transmission to the paging carrier


Reporting - extensive reporting capabilities, including writing reports to text file


Security - three levels of password protection


Import/Export - import and export support for other NotePage products and other file formats


User-Definable fields - extra data fields can be used with each recipient for informational or filtering purposes