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NotePager Pro is a sophisticated wireless messaging (paging) application.  It is capable of delivering messages to an unlimited number of recipients (pagers, mobile phones, PIMs, etc.) and/or groups.  NotePager Pro includes advanced features such as scheduled messages, repeating messages, pre-programmed messages, on-call groups, ad-hoc paging, etc.  NotePager Pro supports all of the current paging (wireless messaging) protocols (FAX, GSMAT, SMTP, SNPP, TAP, TONE, UCP, and WCTP). Messages can be sent via a standard analog modem, a wireless modem, supported mobile phones, or an Internet connection. All of NotePager Pro's features are containded within an easy-to-use and intuative graphical interface.


There is a certain logic and an order of operations to things and there are several terms you'll want to familiarize yourself with.


Within NotePager Pro, you'll be configuring Carriers, Recipients and Groups.


A carrier is a company that provides the service for a wireless device (pager, phone, PIM, etc.).  They control the antennas, satellites, broadcast, and computer systems that are used to send the messages to your cell phones and pagers.


A recipient is a person or system whose cell phone, pager or email address you want to message.


A group is a collection of recipients.


So, in order to send messages, you will need to configure a Carrier, then tie a Recipient to the Carrier. Once you have Recipients configured in the program, you can then create Groups.