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Secure Messaging How Secure Messaging Works

How Secure Messaging Works
Secure Messaging

Standard text messaging is not a secure method of message delivery. When you need to send secure text messages, you'll need a service that provides a secure gateway for the text messages to be delivered through and a secure way for the phone to read the text message. Over the years, a few different styles of solutions have evolved and NotePage's  PageGate software supports them all.

Lets start with the basics, and explain how secure messaging works. As previously explained standard text messaging is not secure, so when sending text messages you must use a third party, that allows messages to be transmitted using a proprietary protocol that is secure. Typically the message is sent/recieved using encryption. 

Two Options for Secure Mesaging 

Option #1
PageGate is frequently used in conjunction with third party service providers like TigerConnect, QliqSoft, and SPOK. TigerConnect, QliqSoft, and SPOK provide a secure messaging application for recipients to install on their phones and a secure gateway to use to pass messages through. In this configuration, PageGate securely delivers the message to the secure messaging service, which then routes it to the end-user's phone as a notification in the secure messaging application.

Option #2
There are additional services that host a secure messaging server, end-users log into the secure server to retrieve the text message. In this configuration, PageGate securely delivers the message to the secure messaging service, the messaging service then provides the recipient a link to the secure message using a standard SMS to the recipient.

Because of PageGate's flexibility, modularity, and ability to send messages from existing applications, it is a natural fit for many solutions. 

If you are  looking for a method to transmit and receive secure text messages PageGate is often part of the solution.


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