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Web Interface - GetWeb Intall Web Interface - GetWeb Install

Get Web installation instructions for Windows XP (IIS 5.1):

1.) Turn Off "Simple File Sharing" (to display the "Security" tab) and to display all file extensions.

a. Windows Control Panel
b. Folder Options
c. View tab
d. Advanced Settings
e. Uncheck "Hide Extensions for know file types"
f. Uncheck "Use simple file sharing [Recommended]".
g. Select "Apply"

2.) Install PageGate Server

3.) Install IIS

a. Windows Control Panel
b. Add / Remove Programs
c. Add / Remove Windows Components
d. Windows Components Wizard
e. Select Internet Information Services
f. Select Details
g. Internet Information Services Wizard
h. Uncheck SMTP Service
i. Select World Wide Web Service
j. Select Details
k. Uncheck Printers Virtual Directory
l. Select Scripts Virtual Directory
m. Uncheck Remote Desktop Web Connection
n. Select "OK"
o. Select "OK" (World Wide Web Service window)
p. Select "OK" (Internet Information Services Wizard window)
q. Select "Next" (Windows Components Wizard)

3.) Configure PageGate

a. Configure GetWeb (Interfaces - GetWeb - Settings)

i. Set Web Pages Path to "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\"
ii. Set CGI Data Path to "C:\Inetpub\Scripts\"
iii. "Enable" GetWeb
iv. "Apply"
v. Prompted with "Do you want this interface to be enabled for ALL existing recipients and groups?"
vi. Select "Yes"

b. Add a Carrier
c. Add a Recipient
d. Add a Group (named "abcd")

i. Uncheck "GUI Client" under "Enabled Services"

e. Add a Recipient to the Group "abcd"

4.) Edit Template File(s)

a. Open Windows Explorer
b. Go to "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\templates\"
c. Open "guilist.htm" with text a editor (notepad, wordpad, etc.)
d. Edit the line:

<FORM NAME="MYFORM" ACTION="" METHOD=POST onSubmit="DoCheckSender()">

changing the "" to the IP address (or NetBios machine name).
e. "Save"

5.) In PageGate Admin

a. Expand Groups
b. Expand "abcd"
c. Select the "WebPage" object
d. Select the "guilist.htm" from the Template File drop down list.
e. Check "Group List"
f. Check "Full Names"
g. "Apply"

6.) Open a Web Browser

7.) Go to the website

8.) Select a Recipient

9.) Enter a "From" name or number

10.) Enter a message

11.) Select the "Send" button.


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