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White Papers Gaz Metropolitan Plus White Paper

Company Name: Gaz Metropolitan Plus

Business Description:
With 60 field technicians, $40M in revenue and 45K annual visits, Gaz Metropolitain Plus (GMP) is the leading natural gas service provider in the province of Quebec. GMP is a subsidiary, 100% owned, of Gaz Metropolitain in Québec. GMP offers sales, rental and maintenance services for natural gas appliances, energy management services and a variety on protection plans. GMP is active in residential, commercial and industrial markets.

White Paper: "Gaz Metropolitan Plus uses PageGate as a communication tool with the technicians to broadcast the level of activities in the field. GMP uses 3 levels of awareness, Green, Yellow and Red code. In cold weather period, activities and customers calls are very high and we need to increase the service level. The technicians are not always aware of this situation. By paging the code, the technicians are becoming more sensitive to the situation and adjusting their work and time spent at a customer site and concentrate on emergency first. PageGate can page up to 3 tech per minute. In a matter of minutes, the fleet can change their mindsettings and at the end the customer is happy. Louise Goulet, our Logistic Manager, had to make 60 calls before on top of her job."

Gaz Metropolitan Plus PDF Case Study


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