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White Papers Compaq White Paper

Company Name: Compaq Business Continuity Solutions UK

Business Description:
A business unit that resides within the Compaq Global Services organization. The business unit "Compaq Business Continuity Solutions" is a UK based disaster recovery business that provides contracted Compaq customers with facilities, computer equipment, networking and technical expertise in the event of disasters and for planned test exercises.

White Paper: Compaq Business Continuity Solutions (BCS) uses PageGate to contact technicians. BCS is a 24x7 operation 365 days per year. Two technical consultants are on call at any one time ready to respond to Compaq's UK customer base. In the event of that a Compaq customer invokes service via a central call desk, staff then pages the Compaq UK Group Pager number. The consultants respond immediately by contacting the customer(s) in question. Compaq uses Pagegate to automate the on-call rota so each Monday morning at 10:00 Pagegate will send a message out on the Group Pager number informing all technical consultants the on-call rota for that week. In addition each technical consultant has an individual pager no and if the office need to contact someone working in a computer room environment for example where mobile phones are banned, they will use the Notepager Net client to contact the individual.

Customer Quote: "Automation of the on-call rota saves time and effort & is easily modified. Central installation of Pagegate on our Windows 2000 Server allows all my colleagues working around the UK to use the Notepager Net client remotely across our company Wide Area Network simplifying the implementation of the service. Centralised history log tracks calls easily, individual accounts provides flexibility."

"Pagegate was simple to install, easy to set-up and has run reliably on our Windows 2000 Server without interruption for the last six months. The ability to schedule messages on a regular basis to a specific on-call rota has simplified the process dramatically."
Alastair Harrison, Compaq Accredited Systems Engineer on Windows NT.
Compaq Business Continuity Solutions UK

Compaq PDF Case Study


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