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About NotePage, Inc.

Company Background

integration NotePage, Inc. was founded in 1996, and is a leading developer of wireless messaging, text messaging and communications software for over two decades. NotePage staffs technicians and developers with a high level of expertise in both the computer and communications industries. Over the years, NotePage's software has been recognized as the industry's best, winning a number of awards and accolades.

Product Lines

integration NotePage, Inc. has two distinct product lines. The NotePage product line focusses on text messaging and wireless communications, and includes: NotePager Pro and PageGate. The FeedForAll product line contains solutions for creating and managing RSS feeds and Podcasts. The FeedForAll product line includes: FeedForAll, RecordForAll, RSS2HTML, RSS Filter, RSSmesh, FutureRSS, RSS Cache, RSS2HTML Pro, SQL2RSS, RSS2SQL and FeedForDev.


integration NotePage sells to a wide spectrum of customers (view a sample list of NotePage's customers). NotePage's software is primarily used by businesses, and is quite popular in a number of niche industries including: Educational Institutions, Government Facilities, Emergency Personnel, Public Safety, Utilities, Service Organizations, Answering Services, Telecom Carriers, Webmasters, and Broadcasters.

NotePage, also frequently works with other software companies to integrate communications and text messaging capabilities into existing applications. The integration expands functionality into a variety of vertical markets and increases the software's capabilities. The integration is common with all types of monitoring applications, computer aided dispatch software and building control applications.

NotePage, Inc. welcomes inquiries and orders from all over the world and is currently used in over 100 countries.

Other Web Sites

The following other sites that are operated by NotePage, Inc.:
FeedForAll Software to create RSS feeds
RecordForAll Audio recording and editing software
FeedForDev Component to imbed RSS in applications

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