Windows Server 2016 Core

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These are the steps to install the PageGate Server in Windows Server 2016 Core (no GUI).


1)Configure networking: sconfig (this is optional)

2)Run powershell: powershell

3)Download PageGate setup program: invoke-webrequest -outfile pgsetup.exe

4)Return to command prompt: exit

5)Run PageGate setup: pgsetup

6)select the Install PageGate Server option.

7)Click Next.

8)Select whether or not you want to view the ReadMe File and/or Release Notes, then click on Next.

9) Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA), then select "I accept the agreement" and click on Next.

10) In the next step, you will be prompted for the PageGate Server installation directory. By default, the installation directory is C:\Program Files(x86)\NotePage\PageGate\

The installation directory can be changed to any local path. Click Next to proceed.

11) In the next step, changes to the program group PageGate will appear under in the start menu can be made. Click Next to proceed.

12) Click Next.

13) Click Install to begin installing the PageGate Server.

14) Click Finish to finalize the installation.