Rebuild Database

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This option will compact and rebuild the PageGate database. When you click on the Rebuild Database option, you will receive the following prompt:




All of PageGate's modules must be stopped in order to rebuild the database. This can be accomplished by clicking on the pager icon in the Windows system tray (next to the clock) and choosing 'Quit' or 'Stop'.


No part of PageGate can be running when this rebuild takes place. Please be sure to shut down all instances of the GUI Client and PageGate Admin.


When you click on Yes, the rebuild will take place. After the rebuild has finished, you should receive this prompt:




After you click on OK, it is safe to run the PageGate Server, Admin and Client once more.


If PageGate is running as an Application, restart PageGate by choosing 'PageGate Server' from the Windows start menu.


If PageGate is running as a Windows Service, click on the pager icon in the Windows system tray (next to the clock) and choose 'Start' from the popup menu.


Note: An external rebuild utility is included with PageGate. It is called 'Jetcomp.exe' and can be found in the PageGate program directory. This utility can be used in cases where the PG Admin program is unable to start due to certain types of database corruption. After the database is rebuilt, you will have to restart the PageGate Server module.