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There are a few things that should be verified and setup before the installation of PG Admin:

1)Do not install this on the PageGate Server. The Additional PageGate Admin program is intended only for workstations.

2)Be sure your hardware meets the minimum specs for PageGate Admin.

3)Be sure the computer is configured for your network. The PageGate Admin must access the PageGate database through your LAN (Local Area Network).

4)Be sure that you have sufficient permissions (if applicable) to install new programs on the chosen computer.

5)In some cases, you will be asked to restart your computer after the installation of the PageGate Admin. If so, this must be done before the PageGate Admin is run. Be sure that you install the PageGate Admin at a time when this can be done.


6)Always be sure to have a complete backup of your system before installing any new software! The installation of the PageGate Admin is not and exception to this rule.