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Repeating Messages Only

Enabling this option will only report on repeating messages scheduled by a GUI Client workstation.

Summary, Details, Totals Only


Selecting this option will give a brief overview of the information requested



Selecting this option will include all possible information requested.


Totals Only

Selecting this option will only output the number of messages reported on without giving any information about the messages themselves.

Print Report

This option allows you to print the report to a selected printer.


When this option is enabled, before the report is actually printed, you are shown the details of the report and can choose to either close the preview, in which case nothing is printed, or print the report.

Zero Values

Enabling this option will include results that have a value of 0. This option is disabled by default.

Full Names

When this option is enabled, the Full Name field is used in lieu of the Recipient field in the reports.

Write report to file

When this option is enabled, the report is written to a file of your specification and name instead of queued to the printer.