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Take advantage of the powerful and efficient PageGate Version 8!


Updated Operating System Support

PageGate version 8 officially supports Windows Server 2016.


Enhanced support for cellular hardware and infrastructure

PageGate version 8 now supports multiple command sets for nearly any style of cellular hardware you may need to interact with. The new GSM-AT-IP protocol allows the program to interface with cellular routers and gateways and with updated protocol support for USB, RS232 and TCP cellular hardware, it's never been easier to send SMS!


PageGate Filter Pack and Enhanced SMS reply processing

To say that there are many things you can do with a properly coded filter pack would be an understatement. PageGate's new Filter Pack allows you to modify and conditionally modify any part of the messaging data the program interacts with. It can reassign who a message is delivered to based on words or phrases, it can modify the body of the message, it can modify the subject line, it can insert pre-determined text and many other things.


For instance, when using cellular hardware to send and receive messages, you can configure a script to conditionally change who receives a reply message based on what the text in the reply is. As an example, you could configure a filter system so that any time the word lunch shows up in a reply message, that reply is sent to the cafeteria group instead of the general replies group.


You could configure a system where replies from a certain phone number will always be copied to certain recipients or groups.


You could configure a system where certain keywords or phrases are replaced with other keywords or phrases. For example, you could translate a code like PD4N in to 4th Precinct.


You could configure a system that implemented every element described, all at once.


Web API processing

With PageGate's new filter pack, you can poll information from any web resource that provides XML content or a web API that can provide polled information. For example, you can configure PageGate to poll the National Weather service for the weather in your area, then automatically send that as an SMS to your recipients and groups. Again, any web resource that can provide XML content or has an API that can be called by GET or POST may be implemented in this way.


XMPP Delivery Support

Version 8 now supports delivering messages to an XMPP server/chat system.


Inbound and outbound support for TAP over TCP/IP

Version 8 now supports both sending and receiving the TAP protocol by TCP/IP, in addition to modem and serial methods.


For a detailed list of all changes, additions and updates to PageGate in version 8, please see the release notes.


Serial to ASCII API

This API unlocks the ability to receive input from as many serial/RS232 ports (physical or virtual) as you may need!