How to see if GetAscii is active

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Read the PageGate database file (pagegate.mdb)

The current location of the PageGate database can be read from the registry:



It is in a format compatible with MS Access 2000.  In the 'Control' table, the 'getascii_state' field will be True if the GetAscii module is running.


Read the registry

The registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NotePage\Transfer\Running will have a value of 1 when GetAscii is running


Use the OpenEvent API call

When GetAscii starts, it creates a Windows event named 'NotePageIsRunning'.  This event is destroyed when GetAscii stops.  The API call OpenEvent(0,0,"NotePageIsRunning") will return a non-zero result if the GetAscii interface is running.