Lookup Table

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This feature enables PageGate to perform basic search and replace commands on values read in as the Recipient, which allows you to interchange or translate values as needed.







Adds a new search and replace value.


Edits an existing search and replace value.


Removes an existing search and replace value.


Closes the table without saving changes.


Applies updates made to the table.


When adding new entries to the table, you'll be presented with this dialog:




Data In

This value represents what you want to search for. Wildcard characters can be used.


Data Out

This value represents what you want to replace the text with.


For example, if we had a 'Data In' value of oranges and a 'Data Out' value of bananas, the program would replace any instance of the word oranges with the word bananas.


To provide a more practical example, let's use the example from the GetASCII - Settings - Recipient section of the documentation and say that we needed to translate AgencyToDispatch in to recipient or group name as you've entered it in to the PageGate Admin. You could use a 'Data In' value of AgencyToDispatch and a 'Data Out' value of Station14 so any messages that came addressed to the literal text AgencyToDispatch were routed to the group called Station14 in PageGate.