Display Groups

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The Display Groups function is only used in conjunction with the GUI Client API.


Display Groups have nothing to do with normal messaging groups. Instead, these groups allow administrators to control which recipients and groups the workstations are allowed to see. For example, let's say that you have 20 workstations that have the GUI client installed. Let's also say that 10 of them are for dispatching fire calls and that 10 of them are for dispatching police calls. In this instance, you would want to create two display groups, one named 'fire' and the other named 'police' and populate them with the appropriate recipients. Once that's done, you can then tie each of the workstations to their appropriate display group.


Right clicking on Display Groups will provide a context menu with one option.


Selecting this option allows you to create a new display group.



After creating a display group, you'll need to populate it with members. Any recipient or group that is a member of the display group will display on any GUI Clients tied to that display group. Any recipient or group that is not a member will not display.