Debugging the Script

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To debug the filter script, you'll first need to set the Debug tag to true.


If you're using preproc.bat, rename it to preprocv.bat


If you're using pstproc.bat, rename it to pstprocv.bat


The v in the file name stands for Verbose, so you're effectively putting the script in to a mode that will display far more information on the screen.


By setting Debug to True and renaming the batch file, that puts the script in to debugging mode. When in debugging mode, the script will display a window that shows the result of every component of your filter. It will display whether the filter performed its functions successfully or if there was an error and, if there was an error, what the error was related to. For example, "Match not found" in the event that your search criteria couldn't be found.


This makes tracking down errors in the script much easier than it otherwise would be.